I believe it is time to start a new conversation.  Or rather, continue a conversation that was started by economists, philosophers, and technologists over the past few years. However, it is now time to introduce the proverbial rubber to the road. So, what in the world are we discussing here? I will refer to this as the Digital Transition.  There is increasingly more discussion around the ideas of post-scarcity, post-digital, or the singularity.  Now, I am not here to debate philosophy.  I don’t know how AI will advance going forward.  I don’t know how the world will handle technological unemployment. That is best left to others. (Although I do find the whole notion extremely fascinating) I propose we discuss the preparation for, and adjustment to, the transition to this new reality – no matter how it formulates.  What can we do as consumers to prepare?  What can we do as business people? Just because we have technology in place, does it mean we are using it correctly?  How do we know? Over the coming weeks, we’ll discuss many topics around the Digital Transition.  I’ll discuss how businesses can utilize their technology to the fullest.  And, as importantly, we will take the journey, as consumers, together. I hope you’ll join me.