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    Is your business digital ready?

    The transition to a digital world has been in motion for 4 decades.  But many small businesses have been left behind.  Sure you have a computer.  You purchased software.   You might even have been to training.  But are you really getting the most out of your investment?  Or maybe you are just starting out.  Do you need help to develop your digital strategy?  How are your processes?

    Don’t Settle For Less

    Your Technology Resource

    So you decided you need a new computer, phone, printer, website, or other pieces of technology.  OK.  Great.  Where do you start?  You could go to the store and look around – maybe get some help from the workers there.   Maybe you call up your cousin – you know the one that went to school for Computer Science.  Or maybe you use the internet.  What could go wrong, there, right?  Let me help.

    Charge Forward

    Chief Technology Officer for Small Business

    With a laser focus on small businesses, Albert ensures that entrepreneurs are able to effectively harness technology. With an arsenal of know-how, tools, and techniques I  can help you meet your goals.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you have been doing this for decades.
    Design Your Business
    It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or a mature enterprise, planning and building your business should be an ongoing activity. Let’s make sure that you are putting the right pieces into place.
    Know Your Business
    Using business process planning and business intelligence, we can get a clear picture of where you are.  Then we can formulate a plan to integrate technology into your business processes.
    Grow Your Business
    When you are ready to power up your business, I can help.  We can discuss everything from your communication plan to your marketing strategy.

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